Extremely low Wifi Speed



We have three Wifi access points with GWN 7610 model. We have total 55 Mbps lease line which is distributed to about 50 users. Lan speed of each user on a moderately good system comes up to 27-30 mbps. But Wifi speed on the same system comes up to 4- 6 mpbs average. If I reboot the access point, the speed increases upto 8-10 mbps, stays there for day or two and than starts decreasing.
What can be done to increase this ?
The firmware version is : Firmware Version


I came here to ask about the same thing. I don’t intend to hijack your thread, rather compare notes.

I have one AP so far. Range is excellent. But I cannot get more than 22Mbps upstream whereas my other APs can easily blow past the 43Mbps my internet connection supplies (I did not test iPerf over the LAN.)
Downstream is horrible. Sometimes I get a burst of 400Mbps, but usually I get 80Mbps and progressively slower speeds down to 2Mbps downstream on 802.11ac.
I get better results if I set the spatial streams to 2 (for 2x clients) but then 1x clients get low speeds. Left on Auto and it’s just gets slower and slower.
My other equipment using the same channel and configured similarly (not at the same time, obviously) get 350Mbps-500Mbps on 802.11ac.

I did even try the Beta version of the firmware but had similar results. Hours of tweaking this thing led me nowhere and yes, I’ve tried factory default settings many times (only configuring it to 80Mhz and picking the channel and setting up SSID and password.)


nehaaggrawal: upgrade to latest stable firmware at least.

I just checked with pc and have easy 100Mbps (well wifi is limited to 150 in pc only).
You can also check new feature that GS introduce in beta for 7610 model: Airtime Fairness


@marcin. ok Will do that and get back.


Upgraded to the latest
Currently getting speed to 15-16 mbps. Will see for a few more days.


Could this low speed be due to minimum data rates? I dont see a place to set those in the AP’s.

Also do you have the SSID broadcasting 2.4 and 5ghz? Do you have band steering turned on?

What speeds do you get if you force a device to be on the 5ghz band?


I updated the firmware of GWN 7610 to and the wifi speed has reduces to .45-.50 Mbps. Earlier it was coming as average 18-20 Mbps.
What can I do ?