Extra push button and powering GDS3710


Hi All,

1- will any push button trigger an alarm if connected to Alarm1_in+ and Alarm1_in-, and does Alarm GND need to be connected to Alarm1_in-. or I have to supply 12 v to trigger it.

2- Is there any problem powering the GDS3710 with POE and 12 V simultaneously?


Answer to your question:

  1. Yes, you have to provide voltage to that circuit. Are you using push button to trigger alarm or just push to open door? The detailed wiring diagram can be found from Grandstream website product resource center:

  2. Yes, no problem to power on simultaneously. Only requirement is the power source must have 1A min in juice so that in case PoE lost power, the 12VDC can still power the device. Actually I am doing this dual power with my PoE switch linked to UPS, so what lost power, the PoE switch can still make the device working with UPS battery for a few hours.

Thank you for using GDS3710!


Hi GS_Guy,

thank you for the information, for the push button , i just have a side door and wanted to link it to the doorbell, i have seen all schematics provided in the website and yes all provide some sort of power to the alarm in inputs to be able to sense the input and just was curious if just shorting them would be sensed


@halotaibi: That is GDS control two doors. Please refer to this document for more information or reference:

Thank you for using GDS3710.