Extra fields on GXP?


Hey guys,

I always wondered since I started using GS phones: What the heck goes there (in the red rectangle)?

And how to put info there? Looks like contact information.



I think you get there transfers info and similar.


Well, it depends on the phone state. The display is context sensitive in that the area will show different info depending on the state of the phone and what function you may be utilizing. If in a call, it would normally show the CID and Cname of the other side. If making a call, it would display the number being dialed as you enter the digits and possibly the name associated to same. If the phone is ringing it would show the CID, Cnam and possible the delivering route name if so labeled by you in the setup. So, it changes.

Your display indicates in a call, given the transfer button, so if CID & cnam were being delivered and if set correctly, this would be showing, but not knowing if these are coming in, hard to say. You would need a capture to see, but certainly if dialing extension to extension, they should be showing> if not check the phone settings and try auto.


Actually, this zone is not for that.

The black rectangle is where the Caller ID/Callee ID goes. I never seen anything below except DTMF when I press keys.

It looks like Contact Information when integrated with Broadsoft or others.


I stated what should show in the box correctly to include the same reference you made with regard to CID & Cnam, but as stated it depends on the state of the phone and what it is connected to.I have the phones connected to 3CX, UCM, and several other brands of PBX systems and have no issue with info being displayed.


The lower box never showed anything for me and I’ve used 3CX, UCM, FreePBX and more.

It looks like a place for Broadsoft XSI contact information. I just wonder but sounds like no one knows.