External Number Timeout



I have a call routing question that I cannot find a solution for and would like some help.

I have an IVR set-up that would transfer the caller to an external number (cell phone). I want there to be a timeout so if the call is not answered within 15 seconds the caller is transferred to another extension. The idea is we do not want the caller to die at someone’s cell phone voicemail, but rather be moved to the operator.

-side note: I did have these extension on the GS wave app, but the call quality was so poor they could not have a conversation (data connection on cell phones is bad).


I love figuring out my own problems.

Configure the IVR to go to an extension.
Under the extension configuration Features tab change call forward no answer to the operators extension.
Under ring simultaneously check the box and enter the cell phone number.
Under other settings change the ring time out to 15 sec (less than the voicemail time out for the cell phone).

This will cause the caller to press the IVR menu option. The extension and the cell phone will ring (even if there is no physical Grandstream phone connected to it). If the user does not answer it will transfer the call to the operator.