External Microphone for GVC3200


We are using the GVC3200 for video conferencing, along with the GAC2500 for the audio portion of the conference. The received audio sounds very good. There is lots of echo when using the internal mic on the GVC3200, with the 3200 sitting at the end of the conference table. The problem is going to get worse after we mount the 3200 on the wall. What external mics are recommended for the GCX3200?


The GAC2500 is suppose to provide the audio for the conference calls, cant you make it the default audio device?


The received audio on the GAC2500 is fine. According to the Grandstream specs, the GAC2500 can only provide received audio. The built-in mic cannot be used. Is there some way to use the built-in mic on the GAC2500? The built-in mic on the GVC3200 is creating too much echo. I need a recommendation on what kind of external mic I can plug into the USB port on the GVC3200.


Actually, the GAC2500 works as Mic and Speaker for the GVC3200/3202, you simply have to select it at the appropriate section on the configuration menu of the GVC3200, as its audio input/output.


Do you have any details as to where that option is located? I did not see any info in the user manual and I did not see that option when I setup the Bluetooth pairing between the GAC2500 and the GVC3200.