External database.




You should support a external database, preferably a system widely used and standard. Eg: MySql, PosgreSQL, MariaDB, and/or more SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, etc…

A lot of customers has their own database server inside the company, the can create a database for the doorbells. It has no sense the need to have a Windows PC running the GDS server with an MS Access dababase backend.

It also facilitate the integration with third party apps.

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The HTTP API resp. Action URLs are probably the better and more universal approach. I agree that the GDS Manager software is not the right approach.

EDIT: See also http://forums.grandstream.com/forums/index.php?topic=34347.msg103744#msg103744


And it once again ignores the fact that there is a significant number of MAC shops out there.


+1 about HTTP API (AllUp) but it doesn’t substitute the external database. It’s another good funcition.

  1. The registry of the door access should be consistent.

MS Access databases is not designed to be accessed too concurrently and it crashes some times. When this databases are corrupted, not every time you can recover all the information, consecuently loosing data. MS access also has problems accessing them from several sites at a time, they don’t lock correctly the tables.
MS has a product for that purposes, called SQL Server. MS Access is a product at consumer level, not enterprise.

  1. The access logs should be backed up.

A copy at filesystem level not everytime is fine regard to the problems exposed in point 1.
The data should be available for restore everytime.

  1. Most of customers elegible for selling this product have a database server in the office that it’s already backed up.

Why not benefit from it?

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Just a few API’s via HTTP to that you branch logic (choose where to route a call) or capture data (who called when) would make this technology much more competitive with alternatives.