Extensions keep dropping offline - i think


Using UCM6202 with just 6 extensions in use (although ive created more). Each ext has a GXP1620 on the end but im finding that the management portal is showing some of the extensions as ‘unavailable’.

For instance, i have put the UCM as extension 1 (don’t know if this is right or not)
And currently Its showing as offline although its functioning ok.

2 of the other 5 physical phones are showing offline too.

Any ideas why this is happening?



if you write the details it will be easier to help you


hi im not sure what you mean. im very new to this.

If i could show a picture it might be easier? how do i do this?



I’m simply saying that if you explain in your own words, in detail and by making them understand what the problem is, maybe the reader can try and help you out.


The UCM is not an extension. It is a PBX. It will never register to itself.
As far as the other concerns, there is too little detail of what was done in an effort to try and get the phones connected and how programmed to offer any real assistance.

Have you downloaded the UCM manual?