Extension restrcitions



I have a small limited setup with UCM6202 and 2 extensions. I want to limited the security phone to only call emergency numbers, but also allow a user to enter a code to be able to have full access to any number. The other extension should keep full unrestricted access and must not require a pin number.

I’ve currently setup the emergency numbers and two Outbound Rules; one for all and one for emergency numbers only. I’ve put the two extension in their specific Outbound Rule, however now the security phone can only phone emergency numbers.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you!


Post a screen shot of the rules. Without knowing what you set, hard to say what is needed to fix.

What about the other phone, is a PIN in place and working?


I have two phones; security and house. I have two Outbound Routes:

  1. Any
    Can dial any number - no restrictions
    Enable Filter on Source Caller ID = only house extension

  2. Limited
    Can only dial specific telephone numbers
    Enable Filter on Source Caller ID = only security extension

So all this works perfectly, but now the client wants to be able to enter a pin on the security phone and then be able to dial any number (Outbound Route 1). She doesn’t want to enter any PIN on the house phone.

What would be the best way to do this?


Read the manual and look for outbound PIN.