Extension ports assigned by PBX


My 6102 assigns a variety of ports to various types of extensions.
What is this and could it be related to why 2 of my extensions will not register?
Using Wave Lite.

  1. 4 corded phones
  2. 4 iPhone 4
  3. 1 iPhone 12
  4. 2 iPhone 6

5004 is listed the wave lite settings as 5004 for all phones.




I don’t know what that did not come out right. I try again.

4 corded phones. 5060
4 iPhone 4. 5062
1 iPhone 12. 5064
2 iPhone 6. 49383

Wave setting for all cell phones. 5014


they are sip listening ports, different from the registering ports,
you need to write details and exact scenario and describe the problem


If I start the PBX and allow it to fully boot up, and then start up my 6 cell phones running
wave lite, 5 of the phones register with the PBX. One never does. But after an hour or two, the PBX starts dropping the registrations, one at a time. If I then turn off a dropped
cell phone and turn it back on , it will re-register with the PBX correctly.

How can I keep the cell phones registered permanently?
How can I get the other cell phone to register?




Does UCM610X have the updated FW?
do you know that UCM610X is EOL?
Enabled keep alive on phones?
on the same extension have you tried to register something else? to understand if the problem is on the UCM side or on the terminal side


Latest FW.
Know about EOL.
I do not see any keep alive setting on the phones. What is that?
Please give an example of registering something else on the same extension.




The manual will assist you in your endeavours else hire a local expert - anyone here on the forum is 99% going to be a user anyway else you could ask Grandstream by opening a ticket with them.


I have the user manual but it does not see to address this problem,.
For background, I am a volunteer engineer and radio ham trying to create a portable telephone system for use in disasters when normal services are disrupted.
I pay for everything myself, so hiring an expert is not feasible.
I am hoping that someone on this list can provide advice on how to solve this problem.
Else I will try Grandstream.




above I asked you questions and advice, but you didn’t answer


Latest FW
Yes about EOL.
I dont see keep alive on the phones. Please advise where it is.
Please give me an example of registering something else on the same extension.




the keep alive is one of the SIP procedures to know, in the manuals you will find everything you are looking for,
This is a user-to-user forum where advice is sought, it is not Grandstream support.