Extension groups


I would like to know if it is possible to ring several times the phones that are in the extension group
(not just once)
thank you


Do you mean in the Ring Group ?


no in extension groups
(extension / trunk) and extension groups


those group that indicate you do not need to do what you are looking for, you have to go to Call functions / ringtone groups


Yes of course
but if I want this group does not ring
and that blink but no ring
it’s possible ?


if you explain exactly what you did, what you want to do, etc … maybe someone has the answer


Your grammar is definitely difficult to follow.

If I understand:
You made an extension group and want to ring those phones but that group doesn’t have an extension number.

Extension groups are only there for sorting and organization

If you want to ring a group of phones, you must use a ring group or call queue. In the settings for either you can select the extension group or select the individual extensions. Both will produce the same result.