Extending wifi coverage with 2nd 7600LR - howto configure?


So my neighbor has recently been blessed with an upgrade to fiber for his internet. So I put up a 7600LR outside his house mounted on a pole so I could get access to his internet from across the street. Because of a dropoff in height from his property to mine, my reception was pretty spotty. So I installed a 2nd brand-new 7600 LR on a pole on my side of the road, goal beig to have it pick up the wifi signal from the base 7600LR and regenerate it in my neighbourhood.
Multiple questions:

  1. Is this a rational scenario?
  2. When I connect to the new wifi access point over wifi, since it isn’t connected to any network at this point, I don’t get an IP address on my laptop, and I don’t know if it has a static IP I can connect to to configure it, assuming I manually configure my computer manually with the same subnet parameters. Where do I go from here?
  3. (maybe unrelated) The signal from across the street which used to be OK in some spots before the 2nd 7600LR seems to have become less strong. Are there parameters I can tweak on the base 7600LR to improve my life ?


You want read this manual as you create bridge :slight_smile: Cable on your side

Unless you want create MESH Network instead (i think you want this) - Wifi on your side:


Thanks for that reference Marcin, I’m going to peruse it right away. I look forward to the 2nd 7600LR becoming functional!
FWIW, I have a meshed Grandstream network in my own home, with a mix of 7600LR, 7610 and 7600 all providing various combinations of SSIDs, and it works pretty well, especially with the unified dashboard that shows me all the APs, all the clients, and uther useful info.