Extending PSTN Line with HT812 & HT813 in the UK


I’ve used the HT502 & HT503 to extend PSTN lines when required. I have a HT812 & HT813 to try and do the same thing but I’m struggling with it. Both are on the latest firmware, the HT812 looks a bit different and it has profiles 1 & 2, then the FXS ports instead of FXS 1 & 2. Has anyone got these to successfully work in the UK?


OK, SO I have managed to get inbound calls working. Oddly the FXS ports on the HT812 need to be set “not enabled”. pretty weird but there you go! I still don’t have outbound calls. The phone is acting like it should be working, but the FXO on the HT813 never activates and dials out. Any help anyone has on that would be great!


anything yet?