Excluding certain numbers from "By DID" configuration


I’ve got the following question. We’ve installed our brand new UCM6202, updated the firmware to the latest version and configured everything, well, almost everything. So I’ve got the inbound routes set as _3592####1XX (359-Bulgaria, 2-Sofia, ######-the common part of the phone numbers) and Ive set it as “By DID” strip 8 (numbers between 100 and 199) and everything works fine. However, I can’t find a way to exclude certain number from being dialed from the outside, beside rerouting it to another number. To make things more understandable, we have a Front office that works with citizens and we don’t want people from outside calling to that phone number, there are 3 other phones given for that. So how can I make that phone not ring and give a message as if it’s not configured. To be precise, if I disable the Inbound rout for the phones it’s the operator that answers that that phone doesn’t exist, not the PBX. Is it possible?
Thanks in advance.


You can’t control what those from the outside can and will dial. You can only control whether the UCM will accept or reject the call based upon the rules you created for that DID. You can also add an additional filter by use of the CID, but this is most likely not a viable solution for your case.

Instead of by DID, you could simply create a unique rule for each DID that then routes direct to the desired extension, but still, if someone dial a DID and you have a rule, the UCM will still route according to the rule.

An IVR may offer some relief, but then you may need to consider changing the rules to unique rules.


yeah, I don’t really feel like creating 48 rules, just because of 1 phone post…