Eventlist presence vs dialogue?


Hello everyone. I am learning about event lists on the grandstream UCMs. I see that I can create either a presence or a dialogue. I use the grandstream phones (gxp2160/70/35+side car) and want to populate the MPK of the side car with extensions. Could someone help me understand when to use presence vs dialogue? Older posts are helpful, but they note at that time that GS was still maturing in this area so hopefully things are better or at least more mature (is mature better?)




Steve, what you are talking about is blf notifications and how best to deal with x many of them over a network via a UCM which has limited resources.

If you have 100 handsets with 8 x BLF buttons each (800 notifications) there could be a notification issue on the handsets where there would be noticeable delay with someone on a handset showing up on all programmed keys.

If you have 10 handsets - this shouldn’t be an issue because 10 x 8 = 80 notifications not an issue for a gigabit network. You can program a blf eventlist for that amount of handsets but if just using standard blf mapping it should not be that noticeable.


Hi Scott. It seems that eventlists help the UCM be more efficient so that is cool.
Can you help me understand the difference between presence vs dialogue?


You are best to do the following training Steve at your own pace that way you will learn as much as any user like myself can do.


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