Etisalat sip trunk configuration Help Required


hi i will send you my config.

  1. outbound works but the pilot number is displayed instead of the proper did number.
  2. inbound number is still not working.


how can i PM you?


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Can u share screenshot so i can tell u





  1. we can make outbound calls but the pilot number is displayed
  2. we cannot receive inbound calls

what we need to do is to be able to:

  1. call out and display the proper Number and not the pilot.
  2. be able to receive calls per DID directly.

Thanking you in advance.


please let me know if you need further screenshots.


Hi, Just an update, i can now receive inbound calls, i had to remove the Auth trunk as was sugested in this post earlier.

now the only thing left is to be able to dial out and display the proper DID extension and not the pilot number.

BTW i will post the new inbound config that matched the 3 last digits and routes to the DID. Basically, from the captures i saw that the call comes in with 7 digits. so i had to do the matching as follows:


and then

strip 4 digits so only the 3 last digits are left, those 3 digits that are left are my DIDs, i am attaching the final Config.



I am now able to display the correct number when calling outbound.

Thanks for your feedback.


Are you still having issue or you have solved the issues ?