Error No provision


I put to upgrade to Firmware 61xx_1.0.10.44
after having performed the update in the display of my UCM 6108 is written the IP and underneath In provision, since then I can no longer access the web my UCM, I did the factory reset but it did not help.


If you did a factory reset, then you need to start as though the unit came out of the box by hooking up a power supply and installing the LAN cable into the WAN port and rebooting the device.


What firmware was it on before

There are special instructions for that hop.
I made a video on it if you want to compare.

It will walk you through the no provision section.


Please help.
When I was upgrating my UCM6510 from UCM6510_1.0.2.97 to UCM6510_1.0.10.44, due to lack of knowledge, I do not load the ucm6500dpt.bin file first, but load the ucm6500fw.bin file directly, now the UCM does not load, the lcd screen says unknown IP and no provision.

What can I do to recover the UCM?


I’d start by opening a ticket with GS.

You can try clearing your browser cache, but you are supposed to be on in order to do that step.
So I’m not sure what the consequences are.


I’m trying both way, ticket and forum.

I already did factory reset and didn’t resolve.

I think my UCM6510 loosed the firmware, I;m loocking a way to load the firmware when the UCM doesn’t boot.

There should be a way to format a SD or USB memory with some OS with an APP from where to load the firmware, or something else.


Plug ucm directly to your PC and check if it sent any packets (with wireshark).
You can also run TFPD dhcp server.


If it says no provision then the unit is probably in limbo between firmwares and with the factory reset you are probably back to the default IP of on the LAN port and DHCP on the WAN.

These are just speculations…

I’d check my router and see if it is getting an IP address using the WAN port or see if I could log into the LAN port on the 2.1 address.
If that is the case then you should be able to pull up the no provision screen and upload the next firmware.


It should never be upgraded from to 1.0.10.xx directly.
There is so much difference that it can fry himself i guess.

  1. Create a new folder in the root path of a USB or SD memory card and name it “gs43a78f39”
  2. Copy the new firmware “.bin” in the ‘gs43a78f39’ folder
  3. Insert the USB memory or SD card the UCM61XX
  4. Turn on the UCM61XX, it will be updated and restarted automatically.
  5. After the upgrade is done, unplug the UCM61XX USB memory or SD card to prevent it from becoming upgrade or create damage to the equipment.


Thanks Novapc1 … it work ….