Error accessing the web interface UCM6104


Hi group,
I am having trouble accessing the web interface of UCM6104. The IP in the LCD display of the UCM says but when i connect to this IP my browser (Chrome) says
“This site can’t be reached refused to connect.”
Both the UCM and my computer join the same network and i can ping to the IP of UCM.
I tried to factory reset (use buttons on the UCM), it took very long time to boot up. But when it’s done the LCD still show the IP is and I still can’t access through this IP. Please help me i am very confused.


From description: it can be damaged.
Also plug your pc to LAN - you should get IP (or similiar) and try reach UCM by


Try clearing browser cache or use a different browser.

How long is a “very long time to boot up”?


Thank you for your reply. It took about 10 minutes to boot up when i restart or factory reset. I have tried Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera to access but there is no different.


Thank you for your reply. I tried to plug my computer to LAN port and use IP scanner software on my computer. It found the UCM at but still can’t access.


Try If the security options are set then it won’t automatically flip over from http to https. If this is the case, hopefully the person who set this up didn’t change the port as well.