Equipment Series supporting E1


Hi friends. I have this particular question about the avalaible equipment that Grandstream sells.Is there any Gateway that can use digital trunks such as E1? The thing is that I need that the signaling type need to be R2 or SS7. Also, more than one E1 circuit(at least 3), can manage prefix/callerid. The last requirement is not so need, but I do not know for sure if the company sells the gateway I’m looking for… Can anyone help me, please?


Patton is great for that stuff:

Product listing:


What about UCM series? Do they support managing prefixes? And also, is there any product of the series that support 2 E1/R2 (let me change the conditions/requirements)?


The 6510 is not a gateway, but rather a PBX that has a T1/E1 interface.

Patton or perhaps Yeastar in your area.


The Patton gateways provide SIP Trunks - So your UCM unit would trunk to the Patton gateway.

The Patton units go up to 16x E1/T1 interfaces.


I like the Beronet gateways personally but Patton work well. I’ve used both with UCM and 3CX.


What about the interoperabilty with FreePBX? In Asterisk, I can manage the prefix/outboundcallerID of my extensions in a way that my PSTN provider can recognize my outboundcallerID(s) and route the call. That’s the idea but I’m not sure if the UCM could route the calls through E1 digital trunk. If they call my outboundcallerID, the UCM could route the call to my Asterisk?




I don’t know the Patton gateways. Do they provide the docs so I can download them in order to read?


All you need to do is set up a peer SIP trunk to the gateway. So long as you configure the dial plan, both inbound and outbound, on the UCM it works. Really easy to set up but as I said I’ve only done it with a Beronet but I’m any sure other gateway will work in the same fashion.
Just be sure you know how many digits the provider is presenting when you write the plan. In the UK its 6 by default but your provider may well be different


Thanks in advance. The situation I have is that the Gateway we use, eSpace U1911 from Huawei, is not working properly as it should. We have made peer SIP trunk with our Asterisk, but in the eSpace Gateway you have to declare the outbound prefix in order to route. Also, we have declared in the eSpace some prefix, like 57, which is the prefix that routes the calls to my Asterisk’s extensions. When an extension calls 32XXXXXX, the call is routed through the E1/R2 digital trunk and when a PSTN phone calls 57XXXXX, the Gateway recognizes the prefix and routes the call properly. Two weeks or so, the Huawei product started to malfunction and we had the possibility to use a UCM, that’s all the idea. But again, I’m not sure if the call will be route, that’s I’m asking for.


Yes, you can prefix calls in the UCM dial plan to achieve what you describe.


Thanks! I’ll give it a try. If this success, I will post the procedure ands results.