English language pack


Good day,
I need the English language pack, so I can translate it in Bulgarian the language pack file doesn’t contain the English one. Thanks in advance.



Thanks, but I need the Language.txt file for English language.



see if you can use this attachment: (could be an old file)

GXP_Language_Pack.zip (406.7 KB)


No English inside


besides I can’t help you, open a ticket, please if you can get the file in English share it


enlgish_language_file.zip (30.7 KB)
Here’s the file I’ve received from the helpdesk.


thank you, keep in mind that the continuous firmware update will surely change some entries (added/removed/modified).
However, it’s a long and painstaking job to do,
good work


Well, the strings are simple enough to go through Google Translate and then just check if they are fine or not.