End user record IVR Prompt


Is it possible for an end user to be able to dial into an IVR number and self-record a new prompt for the IVR on their own? UCM6204. Priest at my church wants to be able to change an IVR prompt we setup that states the times that they have mass at church. I would prefer him to be self-sufficient to be able to do this himself. He is not technically savvy enough though to be able to login to the admin GUI and update the prompt from there…



I don’t think we can do that, and it’s a serious failure



I don’t believe there is yet a mechanism to do what you need, so let us work with the things we can do.

If you create the priest a user account and only associate the roles he can gain access to that might suit to offer him a login that is less likely for the priest to be confused by and break.

So at the minute only possible for him to use the create/re-record the voice prompt feature and do it from a handset or if he has a pre-recorded to upload it to the system.

PBX Settings --> Voice Prompt --> Custom Prompt --> upload new prompt button.

I hope the GS guys are able to see this as a way of creating a specific user that only has access to do announcements… please guys…:grinning:

feature request for this…


the normal user, and even less a priest know how to manage a device via browser. Not everyone is technological.
So access via browser with limited rights to do only certain things is fine, but in my opinion it is necessary to create a procedure via phone to be able to modify the customer’s IVR prompts, a bit like it already happens for the personal prompts of one’s voice mail.


Yes, he doesn’t have the required technical skills to be able to do this via a web browser. I am exploring if I can use a voicemail box to do what I need, and then maybe he can change that greeting as he needs. Does anyone know if you can create custom button press events on a voicemail box for when the greeting is playing ?


enter via web with user credentials, you should see them the possibilities you are looking for