Enable wave


hello awesome folk
i am trying to setup the wave app but keep getting registery failed
1-i created a regular extension on the ucm 6202
2-enabled nat in the ucm to my public static ip ( it is my ip )
3-added a sip account manually in the app ( the server address was put as : xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5060 - is this correct )
4-port forwareded sip port (5060) and rtp (10000-20000)
what am i missing ?!


I am uncertain what you mean with #2. Where was this enabled? If you mean that you entered in the public IP in PBX Settings, SIP Settings, NAT and the SDP box is also checked, then that is correct.

On the same SIP Settings, Nat page enter you local LAN subnet in the area below.

You need to enable NAT at the extension level in the UCM for whichever extension will be using the WAVE. If the extension will have more than one device registered, you need to increase the number of concurrent registrations allowed.

You can tighten up the RTP port range to 10000-10250 as the system does not need 10,000 ports. You do this in the PBX Settings, RTP and then match in the router.

You need to disable any SIP ALG in the router.


i did exactly that … still failing to register
i am starting to believe this pbx is a bad … too bad i purchased 3 to implement after hearing many good reviews
it is refusing to send emails and now this


Unlikely bad.

How are you trying to connect - wi-fi or cellular and how did you provision the WAVE?

Oh, additionally, you might check the Fail2ban and see if the WAVE IP is blacklisted and if so, remove it.


i created an extension on the ucm and i scanned the QR i just received by the wave app.
i tried by wifi and by 3G same thing…failing to register , even though i can see my firewall is allowing the traffic from my public ip to my branches public ip …but still failing


OK, use WI-FI only for this test.

Go to System Maintenance, network troubleshooting and the start the capture. Make certain that the cell is on the wi-fi and then start the WAVE. Wait two minutes and then stop the capture. Download the capture and then post.
I assume the Wi-fi and the GSM device are both local and the GSM device connected to the same LAN as the UCM and if my assumptions are correct, then the firewall is not in the path at all; or you have not really defined what the network is and what you are trying to do as while I saw where you bought 3 systems, the last post is the only time I have seen a reference to using them. I have assumed that you are testing using one UCM given your initial post.


i am testing with one UCM now
i was able to register,dial and hear the person i am calling but they couldnt hear me ??
on wifi it is not registering … i am checking with my isp


As you have not informed the network topology in use, I cannot assist further. As stated, I assumed the Wi-FI and the UCM are both local to one another which implies that the ISP and router are not involved. I could be wrong as perhaps your ISP is involved in the internal set-up, but without knowing more, then I am guessing.


now on wifi they can hear me and even call me … i can call them as well but i cannot hear them … rtp issue perhaps ?!capture-000B82F18C95.zip (76.4 KB)


No, it is a NAT issue.


yes i thought so …thank you