Enable Inbound Multiple Mode BLF


about the function “Enable Inbound Multiple Mode” you can activate a BLF key or another so that the customer can see whether it is active at that time “Inbound Default Mode” or “Mode1”?
Or however any other solution to view the way?
thank you


At the moment the key wont light up. But you are free to dial/press the code anytime to be sure it’s the one activated.


CYFO excuse but I did not understand
(These translations sometimes only bring confusion)



No problem, let me rephrase it.
The system doesn’t have that function.
You can still have two keys (one per mode). You won’t know which one is active, but you can still press the one you want to make sure the mode you want is active.


ok, I find this thing very very limiting,
I find it strange that no one has complained and has signaled to do so
"Create" by GS,
thanks again



It is a new feature and I believe the idea of a BLF button has already been added to the feature requests. It should just be a matter of time before it is implemented.


we hope
thank you


BLF works! The last option under SETGLOBALINBOUNDMODE is : BLF Subscription Number
just enter any unused extension number and program it as BLF. And use the same BLF to control the mode.
Works like a charm :slight_smile:
Now, it would be nice to control the various time settings manually too!
We have a Doctors office that has different time conditions based on the on-call physician. It would be nice to control the OFFICE TIMES in TIME Settings, via one-touch BLF button on the phones.