Enable Handset Config Upgrade should be enabled by default



The setting “Enable Handset Config Upgrade” should be enabled by default


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This are 2 different settings:

One for the handset firmware and one for the handset settings…
I think, both should be automatic for easy deployment.


Oh, i see what you mean, let me check with software team what’s the concern they didn’t enable it by default.


in my opinion it should not be activated by default, suppose that the new firmware has a bug, your customer will be found to have portable zombies. A firmware only applies if you are sure that it is OK, and this should be a general topic.




Do people not Test things before releasing it to the customer anymore?


There are 2 firmware we are talking about, the base station’s and the handset’s. The handset’s firmware is included in the base station’s. Usually after user upgrade their base station, they should always upgrade their handset to match the base station. By default it’s automatic upgrade.

however, for this specific fw, because of the overhaul GUI change for existing product DP720, we prevent the handset from automatic upgrading is giving the user an option to choose, because once upgraded, the user can never switch back to the old GUI. We are confident about the new GUI and new design, but, what if some used to the old one and don’t want any change.

Your concern is the base station fw should not automatically upgrade without user’s acknowledge, which we agree and that’s how it works. But once base station upgraded, the handset should always upgrade to the new one provided in the new base FW. The only exception is this time the handset DP720 GUI redesigned, we prevent the current handset automatically upgrade to the new GUI. DP730 will still auto upgrade to new one to match the base.

We don’t push any base station automatic upgrade.


yes yes, I was referring exclusively to the firmware update of the base