Emergency mailbox setup



I would like to set up a emergency mailbox on a Grandstream PBX. When a caller leaves an emergency message, I want the system to start calling a string of numbers until some responses to the call. How is the best way to do this.

I am in the roofing business in Kansas. We can have some major storms that cause damage to roofs. When a customer has an issue after hours they will call our number and report a problem on the emergency mail box. I then want the system to notify someone to call the person back. I have created a VM group and am trying to setup email forwarding of the VM. Now I can’t get the PBX box to send the email. IS there an issue with sending emails out. I have the settings correct to according to the pBX supplier and GoDaddy but no luck send emails.

Thank you in advance to those that have and will respond. 4-27-18


I would either use a call queue or follow me settings.


As you have commented the best way is with a call queue, one of the things that I would like to have the name of the queue on the screens.
If it is an emergency, we can play with the conference rooms, it could be done in some way to indicate the conference room number and that users were added, in addition to the possibility of recording conversations.


If what it requires is a type of emergency call type code 0, with medical inidcativos for example, it can be done, ie call a number, send a message to telephones and these go to the conference room.


Can you explain as to what an emergency call is in this situation and the expected scenarios? Is there a dedicated number for this? The medical indication response has me thinking that this may truly be an emergency situation and a Q and/or follow-me may not the best method.

The last thing I want to have happen is to place an emergency call and then be greeted with a prompt and perhaps some nice MOH, while I patiently wait for an agent to become available…at some point. And I really want to know what position I am in the Q while waiting (sarcasm). I also don’t know that a “please wait while I try and locate the…” only to see that the person is out of cell phone range, rejects the call or other…is what is needed.

In most cases, an emergency call is just that. A call that is made where assistance can be sought immediately from a person who can (responsibly) react to the situation presented; possibly, life or death situations.

I have seen some that implement layered ring groups. The call hits the first and if no one can handle or it (has small) timeouts, it goes to a second of different members and so on. The people in these groups are trained to handle this type of call and by virtue of how deep in the ring groups the call has to go, there is an understanding of how busy (or not) things are which may precipitate staffing changes. The point being that there are no or as few constraints as possible so that assistance can be rendered as quickly as possible.


Perhaps “emergency call” isn’t the best term. What it sounds like the original poster is looking for is a feature for “outcalling”. When there’s a message in the box, the mailbox then calls out to a destination (actually sounds like several destinations), but the setting could actually be more consistent with traditional voicemail systems, where it could outcall to a paging device (sending DTMF), or call out to a cell phone (one of many in a list), and by answering, you can hit # to then log into the mailbox and retrieve the message (if you don’t, it would then call the next number in line).

I think the description is being confused with an outbound 911-type call (or on-site notification capability), and that’s not how I take this request at all.