Emergency Calls Inbound



Can you program the Emergency Calls feature with an inbound DID?

Example: Someone activates an elevator phone (external POTS line) which auto-dials an inbound DID to the PBX.

In other words, can the Emergency Calls feature be triggered by an inbound call or is it outbound only?


Is the only purpose of the elevator phone for emergencies?

If so, then I would have it calling a dedicated DID on the PBX, which in turn would be directed to a specific extension on the PBX, which in turn is forwarded to 911. I would probably dedicate a DoD to that extension as well, such that I could register e911 with my carrier so that it would know the call came from the elevator.


Thanks for the design tip, however that was not my question.

can the Emergency Calls feature be triggered by an inbound call or is it outbound only?


Can you be more specific about what you mean by the Emergency Calls Feature? And perhaps what your ultimate purpose is?


UCM6510 > Call Features > Emergency Calls

If I were to enter a 10 digit DID, an inbound route pattern in the EMERGENCY NUMBER field, will it trigger the Emergency Calls feature to trigger an alert?

Normally an event would trigger if dialed outbound. I would like to know if it also worked for an inbound call.


If you set it up the way I suggested, it might generate an alert on the outbound leg of the call when the UCM forwards out the inbound call to the emergency number . . . I kindof doubt it, but you could set it up and test.

Another option might be to set up the elevator phone on an FXO port on the UCM so that the UCM delivers the dial tone and treats the elevator phone as an extension. In that case, the call from the elevator would be outbound, and the alert would be generated.


No, EMERGENCY is for outgoing calls. It make no sense (normal) to do it in inbound.

You can loop trunks to trigger it as outgoing (you need make some tricky configuration).

Incoming call (to XYZ) -> TRUNK (register ext to it) / change number to dial (ASD)-> ext will call that number in pbx. As XYZ is number in emergency it should trigger EC.


For inbound directly…no. As others have also indicated, you would need to manipulate the flow so that ultimately the call is routed out the emergency function.

I have done a number of elevators and I typically make the elevator an extension off the PBX using an FXS ATA or gateway. The call will be directed to security, front desk or other and I manipulate the call such that it keeps ringing somewhere until answered. I have also set it up such that the call will go to the elevator service company and this will trigger an emergency call and in some cases the call will go direct to 911 (US). It all depends on what the client wants and more importantly, what the local jurisdiction mandates.