Email template - wan qr codes missing . SOLVED


Hello all.

UCM6202 with firmaware, when sending an email to any extension, the QR Codes with the WAN UCM6202 info are missing, only shows LAN configuration.

In both types of the same Email Template: “Extension” , (HTML and Text only), are those variables:

${LDAP_SERVR_PUB_ADDR_QR} : The location used to show the LDAP server public address QR code picture
${SERVR_PUB_ADDR_QR} : The location used to show the server public address QR code picture

Users are getting only the files account_eth0.jpg and ldap_eth0.jpg, refered to LAN configuration.

Any point about this will be appreciated, after search any configuration option in the manual and any other related topic here, I have found nothing usefull and must ask.

Thank you



Updating to the QR Codes for WAN configuration are back, but now emails are attaching only images, no text in them.

Must restore dedault templates to work normally.



I am having the same issue, even after updating to the latest firmware. I’m setting up the UCM6202 for the first time, but when I select the welcome email to be sent to an extension user, it doesn’t contain the QR codes, so there’s no way to use the Wave app. Is there something I’ve yet to setup, in regard to the network, before QR codes can be created and sent? Thanks. —Stefem


Which is your firmware version now?



I am new to this, so am wondering if this has anything to do with the issue— I have not yet opened any ports on my router to forward to the UCM6202. I am only using the unit with an analog trunk, no SIP, but I’m wanting to have connectivity to the Wave App. Do you know which ports I need to forward? Would this have anything to do with the QR codes not showing up in the emails? Thanks for your help.


Even if you are using only an analog trunk, you will need to configure the UCM so it can send and receive calls as the SIP server it really is, this is the only way that GSWave will work.

I recommend that you connect an Ip phone on the same network and manually configure the extension, to verify if the UCM is working correctly to receive and send calls, it is very possible that if the UCM is not configured correctly, it does not have information to add to the email and that’s why it doesn’t show the QR code.
You could also try this on your device with GSWave, configure the extension manually with the information that comes to you by email and when your smartphone connected to the same network as the UCM, test if you receive and send calls using the analog trunk.

The other option is to follow the configuration manual step by step.


Thank you. I tried connecting using GSWave (I do not have an IP phone, just using the UCM6202 as an analog trunk with an analog phone), but I am unsure how to configure… I just received “Registered Failed to SIP” I have read the manual, but I am not savvy enough yet to know how to configure. I’ve successfully set up the analog trunk and a single extension and an IVR and that’s working just fine. I have forwarded ports from my router (5060, 10k - 20k). I cannot figure out how to set up a “SIP server” so that we can use the GSWave app. Please let me know what areas I’d need to configure, and if possible how to populate them. The local IP address is (static) and I have a address for the public IP. Thank you very much for any help with this. —Stefem


I would suggest a computer with a soft phone then. It should quite straight forward to setup.


Thanks, drostoker. But I should be more clear — I am not a longtime telephone professional. I have a general layman’s understanding of the UCM. I am tech savvy to some degree, so I’ve been able to figure out how to get this far and follow the manual. But I do not even know what area to look for, in order to program the UCM so that I can then use a soft phone or the GSWave app. The manual is expectedly for professionals, but I need a walkthru of where to even begin doing what planpc was saying… to setup my UCM so that I can use the GSWave app, have it send out the QR codes to extension users, and I guess have a “sip server”. I do not know the steps involved, nor the sections in the manual to pay closer attention to. I’ve set up the UCM as much as I otherwise seem to need. Thanks for reading this and for any assistance with this. Thank you.


My advice: hire pro.
External connection are not easy to do as you need configure router and UCM correctly.
ALSO you must secure it. Opening port 5060 to UCM is asking for big trouble (fraud) which will cost you many more. Safest method is VPN as usually your mobile will not have static IP.

Manual is almost useless as it only describe parameter not method, go with How to Guides.

If you can set your router then:
Server IP is your DDNS name for UCM. But as i checked is not supported directly by UCM so it must be set on router which complicate settings.


I am on f/w 1.5B. My remote setup emails dont have the QR codes, only plain text. A colleauge who is 3CX certifed has had a loook also and cannot find out why. Pleae can anyone suggest a fix? Thank you. (UCM 6202)


Your email client will only show text and not HTML as it is set to not download pics/graphics?


SPOT ON, Thank you