Email teamplate in mail programs


In 2017, the topic was mentioned UCM Emails not displaying picture at top, displays large blank space

Now I come across the same thing, that in the letters “Thunderbird” in the letters do not display pictures from the cap and qr code, but go as an attachment. Gmail is displayed normally.
How to fix or will the template fix?

Screen -Скриншот%202019-07-12%2022.24.46.png?dl=0


The data (HTML) is sent, but your client likely has security settings that prevent its display, You will need to examine Thunderbird to see.


it will be a setting in the free mail program not an issue with Grandstream…

try an alternative to thunderbird if it becomes a real problem…


It is impossible to replace the mail client in the organization because of this problem.
The problem is clearly not in the client, but in the wrong layout.

Outlook 2007 -Скриншот%202019-07-13%2011.50.42.png?dl=0

Gmail on Android (from Play Market) -


Hello Sstep,

I´ve got the same problem with Thunderbird and Outlook, did you fixed the issue?


is a problem with the layout of your mail client, but if you think it’s a problem open a ticket,
for me it’s not an “important” problem that email has to give me the registration data and the QR code for GS Wave, the outline doesn’t count for me.