Email task


I had a hard time setup email configuration, but able to set up successfully,
I want to use grandstream mobile app so I need QR code to set up and whenever I select email notification
to show me this message
Are you sure you want to send the selected account information to the corresponding email addresses? If you do not select any extension, it will send all the account information to the corresponding email addresses by default.

i select ok
it says submitting an email task please wait…

email task submitted successfully

I never received an email or even on Email Send Log I see nothing


you have probably configured the SMTP part incorrectly, and obviously UCM will not be able to send the email.
Which UCM?
Qule is the FW version?
On the SMTP configuration there is the TEST key, use it until you set the SMTP correctly, if it does not send it is useless to go further.


Check mail log in UCM, you will see if mail was sent correctly.
Of you not configured your own mail for PBX then MTA will likely fail.


And is your email address correct in the extension record?