Email Configuration


Our ucm can’t send email, Idk if the problem is with it’s the internet connection or sth else,
But there’s sth that we should note is everything is was up and running this happened suddenly
here’s our email configurations



I even tried to check gmail settings and allowed unsecure apps but nothing happend,
I need help to figure this out…
Thanks guys


Here’s our ucm network configurations


test is ok ?


What firmware as I do not see the fax to email or pop settings, which indicates that the unit is far behind and should be updated.


Unfortunately no, not even test emails won’t be sent


Yes the version of firmware is now I’ll update that asap,
Thanks for your reply mate


Update correctly with each version and do backup before move higher.


I did it and the version of the device’s firmware is the latest version, But the problem stayed unsolved, and still the device is unable to send emails.
I have any other ideas abt it.
Would be factory reset a good solution?


Mail test is ok or not ?


if you are a google business customer they will allow you to add your public ip to a mail relay service, I use it thru google, the address for the relay is, then set it up in your admin account

google mail relay set up