EdgeMarc 2900 VS Quality Firewall w QoS


I’m working on a co-managed solution where I’m the phone guy and another co is the IT group. The IT group is telling the owner of the company that, if they want to switch to VoIP, they have to install a, what seems to be, pricey bit of kit. An EdgeMarc 2900.

I’ve work on, I don’t even know how many installs, and never needed anything but a quality firewall. For the most part, on a small system (oh, this system is only 4 phones) I don’t even worry about QoS. As long as there is sufficient bandwidth.

Do any of you have experience with this equipment? Have I completely missed out on my phone system installs that I should have been using?

I know. Not exactly Grandstream related but, I only install GS phone systems so I thought I’d ask here. See if other installers are using this or similar equipment.

Thanks in advance!



QoS is actually the second important thing to install VoIP, after making sure the firewall is doing the correct NAT mode.
Even if the customer example has a 900/900 band, the router tends to grant all the available bandwidth, in case the user performs a download / upload, theoretically it could saturate the 900/900. Therefore, the use of QoS becomes essential, in all situations, obviously where there is less bandwidth it becomes mandatory.
Especially in WIFI, since the “local” use is out of the QoS control of the firewall, which takes care of the “external” management, in case the user performs a download / upload in wifi, theoretically it could saturate the A.P band. with the consequences already written.
Unfortunately, I can’t help you any more, I only use Draytek, to date I have not yet seen another router / firewall from another vendor that manages QoS better than the Vigor.

n.b .: I too have always underestimated QoS in installations with “a lot of bandwidth”, until with practical tests they showed me the importance of QoS in all situations.


It is not needed, but does have some qualities that some desire. The primary VoIP aspect is it router/eSBC function -