Easy config GXV3370 Template for UCM


Hello folks,

This has been brought up by another user in the middle of last year, but still I believe it has not been resolved.

I still cannot see easy config template for my GXV3370. I am worried to provision it from UCM as I’m not sure if it will prick the phone (I have set it to 3275 template).

Is this typical for GS phones (to be released without added value features)? or am I missing something here?



What firmware version is running the UCM?

You have to go under ZeroConfig -> Model Update to download it (there are multiple pages). It should be there as I use it.


I’m running the latest firmware. I will check it once I have access to the UCM and write back here.


I am an idiot. The update was right there, all I had was to download the image from here:

ty @fmarcoux96 for the help.


No problem.