E1 PRI Inbound problem


Hi Fam,

I have a 6510 with E1 from a local provider. So somehow I can’t get the inbound route set right. I’ve used a dial pattern of “_.” with a default destination to an extension. However, what I notice, when i call the number, the E1 trunk status on the dashboard turns red “abnormal” then the call is disconnected. Immediately after disconnect, the status changes to blue “reachable”.
Anyone experienced this? DODs work perfect.


try _x. ?


I tried that too, many combinations actually including XXXXXXXXXX etc. Usually “.” works for me. So strangely, at times it works, but most of the time it will just disconnect in the fashion I’ve described


_x. accept any selection in reception, so if the problem doesn’t work in my opinion you don’t have to look for it on the reception rule.
Have you created a pcap to see what’s coming to you?

I get the feeling you’re having some clock synchronization problems on PRI


Well, I’m not a pro in PRI analysis but what I was looking for in the log was the Caller ID and turns out the only time it appeared was when the call made it to the UCM. At this point, I know sometimes the call never reaches the UCM, but I don’t know how to explain the “abnormal” status on the E1 trunk. Is there anything you would advise I look for specifically in the PRI log?


I don’t know 6501, you can always open a ticket or look for a Professional in your area.


Check manual, E1 diode signal what kind of trouble you have (hardware) or check status (for soft).
If none then catch E1 logs and check what is sent to you by provider.

Call can +xx and this “+” can be problem you see as your pattern do not include it.
You can try add +x.


This has been resolved. Turns out the problem was on the provider end. Something to do with synchronization.


I wrote it down for you :slight_smile:


You were right!!
Is it possible to change this kind of settings from the UCM or it always has to be the service provider?


when there is a “problem” there is never “the solution”, every problem has its solution.
First of all it is always necessary to understand if the problem is local or remote …


1 side must be clock master. UCM can be master, but then provider need to be slave.