E-Mail Troubleshooting


I am trying to setup a UCM6204. My smtp server is provided by ionos.com. I have tried every combination of settings, but I can’t get the Test e-mails to work. How can I troubleshoot what is going on?


Show a screenshot of the settings you are trying to use.


Here is the screenshot for my UCM6204 e-mail configuration:

IONOS is my e-mail supplier. The SMTP server works fine with Thunderbird on my laptop. I can’t get the SMTP server to work with my UCM6204.

Any suggestions?


put “:993” so it reads smtp.isonos.com:993


That didn’t help. Here is the Thunderbird configuration that works:


I changed the SMTP Server to read “smtp.ionos.com:587”. That solved the problem!

Thanks for the hint.


Well, glad it’s working…I assumed TLS from the beginning.