Dummy question "Use Failover Trunk"


i have 4 outgoing lines for both local and LD.

do i have to use “Use Failover Trunk” at the bottom of each outgoing truck definition to request the next outgoing truck to take the next outgoing call? any other way to get a out going roll over?

i am trying to debug a problem… no problem with 4 out going local calls, but after 2 LD calls the 3rd gets an internal “call can be made”. the calls that can’t be made and but the error message or call does not show up in any fashion on the CDR report.

i have changed the order of all the outgoing truck lines and it makes not difference

thanks to anyone who takes their valuable time to read this


If you want to be able to use all the trunks for outgoing calls, should the need arise, then in each outbound rule set the other trunks as fail-overs.


you can build all the lines as a group, especially if they are all in a hunt group(same purpose), should be a check box at the top of analog trunks, it is much easier to create a rule for all the lines at once