Dummy Extension Range


I need to create two dummy extensions on my 6304 UCM running the latest stable fw as of today. The application would be to voicemail monitor a department general mailbox on a vpk. I am supporting about 40 GRP 2624 sets on the UCM. What I’d like to know is whether there is a numbering preference for these dummy extensions. Am I better off just using the next two 10xx numbers in line, or should I go with something that is easier to remember? What do you all usually do when faced with this task?


The first thing is that you probably do not need to create dummy extensions for this.

The second thing is that the PBX doesn’t care what extension numbers you use, so it is completely your choice. For myself I would put them at the end of your extension number range.

If you have not looked at using the Monitored Voicemail Access Number, then that may be what you want. We had a discussion about it at
Group Voicemail



Thanks Rick,
I will check it out!!