Dual power on 6510, but not on the HA100?



The lack of dual power on the HA100 is very surprising, since the 6510 is equipped both with dual power AND POE support. That basically kills the dual-power redundancy inherent on the 6510.


That is a great point…


This suggestion has been noted.


+1 …Agreed!


High Availability - true means fail over, but why just 1 x power supply?

In a traditional Computer High Availability sense, you have double everything.

Dual CPU - in case a CPU fails you have the other
Dual Power - in case one UPS dies the other supports
Dual sets of Ram - so if one set fails the others are still available
Raid 5 or 10 - for keeping the data available over multiple Hard Drives

Did I miss anything?


It simply not needed ?
IF HA break then calls are still forwarded to 1 UCM.
If you suspect 1 HA psu + 2 UCM PSU go down in 1 malfunction then you clearly do not have correct protection.

I think 2 PSU can be better but in term of Availability it not make any real difference for correct implementation.

Set is 1HA + 2 UCM so you have everything double and HA is extra system.