DTMF During a Call for GXV3275



Dear sir/madam,
I’m writing about a feature that was available on an older model GXV3275. It was a great feature called DTMF during a call. It added a shortcut buttons that could be pressed during a call to send a DTMF to a connected device. I’ve been wondering if we can expect this great solution on a new GXV3370 phone. I’ve attached a screenshot of a feature for better understanding of a problem. We need this feature for 500 phone that we will be selling in september.


A new Beta firmware has been released today. It includes the ability to configure DTMF in Value-Added Services -> GDS.

It is exactly what you were looking for.


The new firmware is for the 33xx and not 32xx phones.


Yes but original creator is asking for 3370 :slight_smile:
Still it is not possible to make such buttons in GXV3370.


Your right. I was looking at the subject line.