DTMF CODE GDS3710 with 2N indoor talk



It has been several days since I tried to run a gds370 (firmware with a 2N indoor talk (firmware The voice communication goes through without any problem but not the door opening dtmf code which works on telephones like the Yealink w52p, a ubiquiti telephone or grandstream 2130. The dtmf is configured in the same way in rfc on both devices.

Has anyone ever managed to get the 2n box to work with a gds3710? Because I can’t find the solution.

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The only thing I can suggest is to set the 2N to use a different DTMF scheme such as Inband and try. Failing that, a capture is needed to see if the DTMF is truly being sent and if so, what it looks like. As the other devices seemingly have no issue, your question may be better asked of 2N as perhaps they would know more of the options about the device and its capabilities.


Check GDS DTMF setting and set 2n soft correctly.

Also you can think about upgrade to latest beta (stable is not stable at all)