DP760 Outside DECT Radio Range


I’m interested in the DP750 and DP760 system. I have my main building which I would like to install the DP750 base unit. I have a second building, outside the reach of the DECT radio, that has an ethernet connection back to the same LAN that the DP750 would be installed on. My question is… would the DP760 work as a repeater with only a LAN connection back to the DP750 and no DECT connection?



The DP760 has to be in the RF coverage of the DP750. It’s working purely under DECT protocol.
The Ethernet port on DP760 is not necessary for an DECT repeater, which is only used for manage itself (pair with DP75x, upgrade, provisioning, etc), therefore, you will find a lot of DECT repeaters in the market don’t even have an Ethernet connection. (DP760 is the only DECT repeater I know that has a ethernet connection, you can consider an repeater with Ethernet port is an manageable repeater, without is a dump repeater.)

Here are some advise:

  1. For better RF range, you can choose DP752 with DP730 that has optimized the RF range.
  2. If you can put the DP760 at the edge of the DP75x RF range, and the extend RF range of DP760 can cover the other building, you can give it a try, I don’t know how far away they are, and the RF range will be vary in different physical environment.


Thanks Shawn. I appreciate the information.



if you have a wifi cover you can think of the WP820


This was my first thought as well.


Thanks guys. I think that’s probably what I will end up doing. The WP820 wasn’t originally on my radar but I think it will work perfectly for what I need.

I appreciate the feedback.



just a suggestion, a speech is to pass data in wifi, an account is the “voice”.
so make sure you have a good QoS, good coverage and a fundamental Handover between the cells, to begin with. :wink: