DP752/DP730 First Impressions


Screen is much better. Can just see everything much more clear.
Range is crazy, much better than any other cordless phone I have used. Was able to walk a few blocks down the street with the DP752 sitting in a window.
Unit is much more responsive. Especially when looking at call history and browsing through it.
Have not had any call issues or call quality issues. For basic use seems fine out of box.
Will start selling these units when available.


They are already available. The beta is over.

Check with your supplier.


My supplier has them listed but not in stock yet. I was not aware the beta was over… Thank you


No problem. The beta was supposed to end on Feb 15th but I guess all went very well!

My supplier also tells me they are unavailable for 5-7 days. I guess they are waiting for the inventory to arrive!


The Documentation doesn’t detail configuring ntp time via the web interface. Had to troll through all the menus to find the relevant fields.

May, I suggest more detail for web interface initial configuration. A less than experienced installer or customer would have some difficulty and would even most likely take shortcuts and not configure to their local time zone.