DP750 Serial Number


Hello all,

I want to ask if there is a possibility to identify the serial number for the DP 750 directly from the Web Gui.
I would like to add them to GDMS Cloud(there i need the S/N for each DP 750) but the DP 750 are already mounted :slight_smile:

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you can read the serial on the back of the base Dect, or on the product box


hi damiano70,

I thought there was another option, other than going up to each base station separately…

thank you anyway


this is a good feature, I’ve sync up with Dev team, we will add SN info to Web UI in feature firmware, will let you know once the build is out.


hi Shawn,

Thank you for the Info…

Have a nice day!


hi @Shawn-GSSupport424,
I hope this will be a solution that will be adopted on all GS products



Pls share the MAC, will give you Serial no.


@realc and all,
Before the new firmware is released, you can use SSH to get P value 8206 which is the SN: