Dp750 loses registration on every power failure


We have an dp750 phone connected to an NCP500 Panasonic PBX.
The dp750 gets registered and works fine, but everytime we have a power failure, or we simply reboot the dp750, it may show that it’s registered but it’s not.
Every time we have to register the dp750 with a new account, and after that we re-register with the original one, but after changing its password every time.
Any help ?


What is the “Register Expiration” set to?


it’s 60 (i think it’s the default entry)


Try setting it to 2min. 60min is slow if the PBX comes back after a few minutes. Also, make sure you are running the latest firmware.




yes, but the strange thing is having to create new extensions every time, check if the NS500 for reasons x has banned “something”


Please clarify as to what/where “it” is showing registered, but its not. Is it showing registered at the DP and not at the PBX or is it showing registered at the PBX and not at the DP or are we only reporting it being registered (but it’s not) by looking at one device and not the other and if so, which device is checked to make this determination?

Is the DP local to the PANY system and is it on the same subnet? Is on a Vlan or other network or something else where the data path from it to the PBX is not a straight shot on the same subnet?