DP750 Failed to upgrade firmware (bad recovery partition?)


i trying all day to upgrade firmware to DP750, with http and tftp protocols.
Syslog show me this error:

<11> DP750 [00:0B:82:X:X:X] [] PROVISION:  1550067114.812119 firmware mask check failed for partition recovery (part 0x00FF != fw 0x001F)
<11> DP750 [00:0B:82:X:X:X] [] PROVISION:  1550067114.812657 firmware header failed validation

All partitions have version, but version of recovery partition is
What can i do? Is it bad upgrade? Can i hard-flash firmware, or send i must send device to RMA? Factory reset not helping. Thank you!


I’m trying to reproduce the problem here, will get back to you today.


As you can see my device is using Recovery and all other is, and I can upgrade to without problem. Could you please provide a full packets with Syslog, so our engineer can take a look at it? thank you!


Hello, do you still have the problem to upgrade? if you can provide the full syslog when you trying to upgrade, we can better understand the problem.
Do you trying to upgrade to after the recovery partition upgraded to, that could print the wrong mask error in your syslog, to upgrade from, it shouldn’t print mask error… please feel free to post the updates here, or you can also file a ticket in our Helpdesk, our support engineer will help you out. thanks!


Hello, sorry but i was sick for a week. Today I testing another base, and I find the solution: factory reset and upgrade firmware (with connected syslog for status). I also change VLAN from default of our sysadmins for full communication. Thank you so much!


Great! thanks for the updates!