DP750 and DP720 Handsets - Firmware Forward on busy not working



While enabling “Forward on Busy” on an specific handset, calls arriving on the busy set, are never forwarded to the user´s voicemailbox.

If the “Undconditional Forward” is enabled (disabling the previous “Forward on Busy” configuration) then the calls are always forwarded to the user’s voice mailbox which is the expected behavior.

Customer is using DP750 and DP720 handsets.

Please need a solution for this problem.

Has anyone already faced this problem?


Jorge Negri


HS mode is for selected handset ?
Account is used on 1 handset or multiple ?


Hi Marcin,

Yes HS mode selected for the handset (if it is in Parallel mode no way to set up the forwarding on the handset).

Only one account used on each handset.

But no way to get the incoming call from the third handset forwarded while the other two handsets are in conversation.