Dp722 suddenly poor connection, very poor range(less than 10m) on 2 different locations/installations


I have 2 installations with dp722 and dp752 bases.
Both locations had a huge range. Suddenly I realized that both locations had very limited range. I can’t if that happened after a firmware update.
So now both locations same setups wireless ranges is somewhat 10m. Just 2-3m without visual contact is enough to loose audio.
I upgraded both to latest stable and the other one at latest beta and but it didn’t help. I also reset no default the base but still no luck… I must be in a very very short range to be able to discuss!
Any ideas?


please contact Grandstream Helpdesk to open a ticket, this looks like a hardware defect, a normal DP752/DP722 can be connected in 250m without any problem outdoor, and 50m indoor.

you can go to handset -> Settings -> 11.Factory Functions -> 6. System Monitoring, check what’s the value of the RSSI.

  • -66 to -90 is critical and will likely cause a disconnect

  • -65 to -41 is sufficient.

  • -40 or better is virtually no interference and a very strong signal.


I get -70 at around 6-7 meters… in both installations using 2 different bases(752) with 4 different dects(722).
It sounds like a firmware/software issue!
It would be great to find a way to fix it without returning anything. We are technicians if we get proper step by step instructions it should be fixable, or a proper firmware update. As I said I am already running latest stable and latest best on the 2 installations and both have same problem when both where working great at the beginning!


how many DP722 do you have? are all the DP722 signal so bad?
If it’s only on 1 DP722, maybe the DP722 antenna is broken or loose.


as I mentioned already I have 4 dects in 2 different locations both on 752 bases.
They all have the same issue. I don’t believe that 2/2 bases or 4/4 dects decided to break at the “same” time!
Again both base are 752 and all four dects are 722
1 setup has the latest stable
1 setup has the latest beta ( I tried the beta in case it would resolve it but it didn’t)
All are a few months old and all where working great at distances that you mentioned … easily 50m+ and a few rooms away from the base!


Same issue here. I had MAJOR issues with the DP750 vs DP720s. Then I replaced with DP752 vs 722s. I have 3 handsets, with 1 basestation. I can be in a clear line of sight with no walls or other devices connecting…not even anywhere close to my router and I get like 10-12 feet of range prior to audio quality degradation. And I mean the audio is incomprehensible. The DP720s had range of 150-200 feet prior to the latest firmware updates destroying the phones functionality.

Our VoIP company is looking to other manufacturers now. We have several hundred of these handsets out in our business fleets with large PBXs. And the gripes are starting to flow in.


@DevonR, What firmware are you using? the latest beta firmware or official firmware The RF range should not be effect by our bug fixes. This looks like an HW issue to me, please use our Helpdesk to get more help from our support engineers.


Try removing the batteries and re-installing same and/or replace the batteries in a unit and see if any difference. Just a thought,.


Since all the handsets are experiencing the short-range issue, maybe the RF issue is about the base station. @DevonR, since you have several hundred of these handsets, can you replace the DP752 with another known working one to see if that resolves the problem?


I have 2 different bases/dects in 2 different locations and both of them have the same issue. I have already tried replacing the batteries… Signal drops dramatically at 3-5m. Where already at 1m away signal is 3/5.
I pretty much believe that it is a software issue. My two setups are not related in any way and both of them started having that issue probably after a firmware update. I can’t tell though if it is the base the dect or both!


thanks for the updates @genesispro, what’s your previous working firmware? and which is the first firmware you have this problem? I can try it on my devices.


Did you find any solution? @genesispro

I have the same problem.


We have a DP752 and DP722 firmware, client has not complained, hardware was purchased May 2020 (ish), not sure on the hardware revision, i would need to check when next onsite.

Also have DP750 and DP720 v1.0.15.3, also no issues (this was purchased many years ago)