DP722 handset: auto select best base



I use two DP752 Base Stations (both with a separate sip account) and a DP722 Handset (all on FW1.0.13.0)

I want he handset to auto-select the base with the best reception or at least to search for other registered base stations if the connection to one is lost.
Where do I find this feature?

I can’t use repeaters as the two base locations are to far apart. I don’t need roaming (seamless transition) between the two stations and understand that this is a way more complicated feature.

Currently I have to manually change the basestation on the phone which is not reasonable in everyday practice.

The DP715 does support this - so do DECT solutions of other manufacturers!
DP715 Guide Page 18: “Select Base > Auto: When you have multiple registered bases saved on your handset, Auto will enable the handset to automatically
choose the base according to signal strength.”

There is an old thread here: auto base switching option missing referring to a solution to this in FW1.0.3.17 but not mentioning anything further.


No such option at all. You can do it manually or use DP760 to extend primary base range.

Or use Wifi phone as they are not limited.


Best option is the DP760 or migrate them to the WP810/WP820 WiFi handsets.