Hi I am issues with DP720 handset when i save the setting ,the IP DECT phones works well after the power is off or when the battery is drain the setting is lost .i use this handset with NEC dect system works well only issues is when we off the power ,the setting is lost .Can you advise .
thank you


DP720 is not designet to work with other dect system. It upload settings from Dp750.
Also why you post IN UCM ? (moving to DP section)


Marcin is right, DP720 is not designed to work with others, those settings is only stored in DP720 RAM, and sync to stored in DP750 hard drive. therefore, after yo rebooting the DP720, all setting in memory is gone. Please try our DP752 new base, which is perfectly compatible with DP720 with excellent RF range.