DP720 Resets randomly when receiving calls


Hi All.

we have a DP750 with 4 Handsets that has been running for a while with no known issues. a week or so ago one of the users was playing with the phone and somehow upgraded the phone and the DP750 to the new firmware its the version i believe. since then initially that phone would often reset when a call came in. i looked into the base station and found that it was on the new firmware and so was that phone. the other three phones were still on the old version. I though maybe the issue was that not all of the phones were on the same version so i upgraded the other three phones to the new firmware as well. this did seem to resolve the issue as the phone reset less but unfortunately it just seemed to spread it out across all the four phones. it does not happen very often (maybe once or twice in a week now). but it is very annoying when it does happen.

I have tried to factory reset all the handsets and base station then reconfigure (then again manually) i have tried to downgrade the phone firmware but that does not seem to take and while i have been able to upload the old firmware to the base station neither the base station or the phones will actually downgrade. not sure if i’m doing that right or not.

I am not as up to the play with looking at logs or retrieving them so there may be something very obvious that i’m missing if anyone has some ideas on how i could resolve this issue or see why its doing it (or maybe even help me downgrade the phones back to the original firmware…) that would be much appreciated

Cheers for your time,


I know, this is going to seem like I’m randomly guessing. But I’ve been through basically the same thing.

For me, it was a case of bad timing.

I had updated the firmware on the base unit and the phones. Shortly after, the phones started doing exactly what you said. Randomly rebooting during an incoming call. I think they might have been rebooting during calls too.

Totally unrelated, the same thing started happening on my cell phone. 60% power then off. I needed a new battery.

With the cell phone experience, I picked up some high quality AAA rechargeable batteries. Put them in the phones at the end of the day so they could charge over night.

Problem solved.

Why it’s happening to all 4 phones could be as simple as, they were all bought at the same time, same battery stock. Even if not bought at the same time, they could be the battery stock. Who knows how long something sat in a warehouse somewhere.

Don’t necessarily go and buy 12 AAA’s but at least upgrade one phone to test.


Hi costwisewpg,

Okay sounds interesting. all 4 of the phones were definitely purchased at the same time ( 1 was a warranty replacement a month later ) so not completely out of the realm of probability.

I’ll try that with the initial phone and see if that makes any difference… it might be a couple of days before i know the result.