DP720 No Outbound Calling


New DP750 with 1 DP720 handset. Using Flowroute for SIP provider. Have made all possible configuration changes in Web GUI and phone is registered and CAN take Inbound calls t with no issues.
However cannot ever make outbound calls. Display says it is calling the number but there is absolutely no sound coming from phone to show anything ringing or otherwise.
Once I dial the number it still says Enter Number
Poor documentation for this phone


I’m going to assume this is a stand alone phone connecting directly to flowroute.

It sounds like the call is connecting but you are getting audio blocked.
Is SIP ALG disabled on your router?


It seems you would try to make packet capture of this outgoing call and analyze it then. You could find the cause may be:smile:


What was the resolution to this?

I have the same provider but I think it’s a dial string or path issue. I have several DP720’s, a DP750 and a UCM6102. All was working great but now I am unable to dial a 10 digit dial from the DP720’s. The number truncates to 4 digits and I have looked everywhere. Nothing than I am aware of has changed.

Please advise.


Catch logs on UCM.
Determine if number is cut DP750 - UCM or UCM-provider.
If DP then check dial plan
If UCM then check outband rules


My resolution was to take the bloody handset and do a factory reset of everything. I assured that NO configurations existed anywhere and then when I reconnected everything worked correctly. I find these DP720 setups to have a problem with configuration modification such that they work fine on the first modification, but every modification thereafter seems to screw them up so that one needs to reset the unit to factory “blank” in order to fix any problems.


Sorry for the late reply but my issue was the dial path. I upgraded the firmware in my UCM and the Zero-config was reset to default compromising my DP.