DP720 - Hang up active call while second like is ringing


I have a DP750/720 system with multiple SIP accounts defined on the 720’s.

While in a call on a handset, if a call comes in on a second account, that incoming call is shown on the display, with the answer and reject softkeys becoming available. At this point, how do I hang up the active call? If I press the red hangup button - it doesn’t hang up the active call, it rejects the second call. The active call will hangup if I press the red hangup button again - but now I can’t answer the second call because it is no longer being sent to the handset.


No one else has this problem?

This seems so basic that I thinking I have something configured wrong. There must be a way to hang up a connected call without effecting any other incoming call, no?


If you just answer the new call, what happens to the old one?


If you press the answer softkey (or the green button) it puts the active call on hold and answers the incoming call. As long as the other party on the original active call hangs up at some point, the hold will go away, of course.

But that really isn’t the issue - I want to hang up on the current call and not affect the second call. If I want to answer the second call on that handset, I’ll just press the green key and answer it after hanging up on the current call.

I forgot to mention - I have the hangup when placed in charging cradle turned on. If I place the handset in the cradle it works exactly like I want it to (and expect it to) - it hangs up on the active call and the second call continues to ring on the handset.

Pressing the red button should be exactly the same as placing the handset in the cradle.




I also have at ticket open with support.

I think the simplest way to summarize this is that when a call is connected, the red key should always be “on hook”. No matter if additional calls are ringing on the handset. If the user wants to reject the second incoming call, they can use the reject softkey that is presented.

Otherwise, the user has no way of terminating the connected call without either answering or rejecting the second call first.


right now, if you want to pick the second call and terminate the first call, you have to answer the second call (the first call be on hold), then toggle back to the first call, hangup it, and resume the second call.

we need be careful to implement the feature of using on-hook button to hangup the current call, because someone might get used to press the on-hook to reject the second call. They would be upset for hanging up the first call without saying a goodbye :slight_smile:


I’m not sure you understood what I’m saying.

I don’t want to pickup the second call and terminate the first call.

I just want to terminate the first call without effecting the second call in any way. I want it to continue to ring until I’m ready to answer it, or someone else picks it up on another handset.

The way it is working now - you cannot hang up the current call without either answering or rejecting the second call. Maybe I’m missing something, but hanging up a call seems like a most basic function that should have no effect on anything else other than the call you are hanging up on.

Here is an example - I have a business with 3 sip accounts defined - 3 handsets on the system. Parallel mode, all 3 accounts are on all 3 handsets - exact duplicates. I’m on a call on HS1 on account1. A call comes in on account2 - HS2 and HS3 start ringing and HS1 (still in a call) gets the answer/reject like I show above. I finish up with my customer and press the on hook key - instead of hanging up my current call it rejects the account2 call (it continues to ring on HS2 and HS3.) I press on hook again to hang up the current call. Now I want to answer the call on account2 - but I can’t anymore on HS1. I have to ho find HS2 or HS3.

Again, putting the headset in the cradle does exactly what I’m talking about - just terminates the existing call and lets the other call continue ringing.


Sorry - I just can’t get past this sentence. the “feature” of using on-hook button to hangup the current call is how the phone works 99% of the time. Lol. How else do you hang up a current call? Why would it suddenly be a problem if the on-hook button hung up the current call just because another line was ringing?


Thank you Jimmy! for this great suggestion and the clarification. First of all, I totally understand and agree with you.
While I just have a little concern that DP720 has been on market for years, and for those who only used DP720, so far, when a second call coming, the on-hook button will reject the second ringing one. This function is duplicated as the right softkey.
but I’m not sure how many end user will look our release note for every change if they “used to press the on-hook to reject the second call”, it could be a pain for the first a few times.
I will discuss with the team and collect some internal feedbacks and think about how can we minimize the impact of behavior change.
Again, thank you very much, this is a great point that we never noticed.


We seem already add a fix on our next beta/official release. (Under testing, and not released yet) when the second call rings, during the ringing stage, you will able to use up/down button to select between the first call and the later ringing one. by default, it’s the second incoming call been selected with “Answer” and “Reject” button, (you are still in the first call and hearing call-waiting tone) if you press the on-hook it’s still works the same to reject the second call.
But you will able to select the first call, once selected, pressing on-hook will terminate it just like what you said, and the incoming ringtone would play immediately upon the first call been terminated. when you select to the first call, there is also an softkey to “Hold” it.
This way, we don’t change the current behavior and give you more flexibility to toggle between two calls and operate either one without effecting the other. please let me know if this work for you.


Shawn - Thanks for looking into this further, I appreciate it.

From a technical point of view I understand your concern for changing current function. But from a real life point of view, I’d be surprised if many people are using the on-hook button to reject a second call while connected to a current call - at least on these DECT phones. I’m not sure why anyone would need to reject a call in this manner anyway - you just continue your current call and ignore the second.

But anyway - I have a couple of suggestions - since it looks like there has already been some changes made towards a solution.

  1. Add an option “Enable On-Hook always effects connected call” whose default would be “no”. Then current function would remain the same by default.

  2. Either change or add an option to change the default selected call (in your solution above) be the currently connected call. I realize that the change as you currently describe it will at least provide a way to on-hook the current call, but I know for sure that we will not be able to train people to do that consistently. Everyone knows that you hang up the phone by pushing the red button. So even with that change, as long as the second call is selected by default, I don’t think that will solve my issue.

If I was picking - I’d prefer my #1 for sure.


We are internally discussing and researching this issue. Will get back to you when anything finalized, thanks Jimmy!


Shawn -

Just wondering if anything was settled on this.

I’m holding off on a deployment of these waiting to see if this will be fixed because it is a deal breaker for our users. I don’t mind waiting if you think this will get fixed - if not, I’d like to move on to plan B. Thanks!


Hi Jimmy,
We have fixed the initial issue, now you will be able to switch between the current call and the incoming call to operate either one. so you will be able to hangup the current call without impact the ringing one. this fix will be include in our next beta firmware and I would say it will be released pretty soon.
The on-hook button will always hangup the selected call, but we will still choose the ringing one as the default selected one. I’m pushing the change to make the current call be to default selected, but this is a big change that will be applied to whole GS products, therefore, this behavior is still under discussion by our UI/UX team, and I don’t have an ETA for this yet.


Thanks for the quick reply Shawn.

I understand the issue with making the current call the default since it hasn’t been in the past. I reiterate my suggestion for just having a configuration parameter that allows the user to make the current call the default - then everyone would be happy. :slight_smile:


Shawn - Was wondering if you had any information on a firmware release that would contain the above changes and/or any other changes to how this is working?